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Stories by Trevor Clarke

  • Going on a global walkabout with MARVIN

    It’s not every day a marine archaeologist who grew up in the Northern Territory gets to irreverently poke fun at software doyen, Bill Gates, in the flesh and then a few weeks later negotiate a major deal with the United Nations in Switzerland.

  • Projecting into the home

    Projector resellers are an emotional bunch, or at least they should be if they want in on the home theatre segment. Unlike the corporate or education markets, where growth is healthy and buyers are spurned on by the Federal Government’s support for a digital education revolution, the home theatre segment often relies on the whims and fancies of users that might just opt for an LCD or plasma TV instead.

  • Deduplication stemming the data flood

    If you say ‘backup’ repeatedly and with increasing speed it ends up sounding a little like the classic Australian refrain ‘bugger’ – try it if you don’t believe me. And while it’s not something you want your employees saying in front of clients – perhaps not at all – it is arguably the most appropriate reflection of the state of storage affairs for many corporations.

  • UC the future

    What would your business avatar look like? No, seriously, if you had to develop an avatar for your virtual office what would you choose: A suitclad executive? A Pokemon or World of Warcraft character? Or maybe you prefer one that looks more like yourself, just a little sexier to help boost your profile? As a journalist I think I’d have to go for the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Raoul Duke look – gonzo journalism at its best.

  • Running out of juice

    In senior management circles the word ‘crisis’ is not one to be bandied about lightly, especially in front of journalists. But when you hear it slipping out in private conversations and on the edges of high-level meetings you know something has to be amiss. For Australian datacentres the word is increasingly being tied to the availability of power, or more aptly the lack of it.

  • Government ducks calls to follow UK’s green example

    The Minister for Climate Change and Water, Senator Penny Wong, has ducked questions about whether the Australian Federal Government would follow the UK’s lead in making government ICT carbon neutral, despite industry calls to consider it.

  • RFID set for takeoff in Australia

    Australian companies will adopt RFID technology for supply chain and asset management if big-name corporations lead a top down revolution, according to industry observers.

  • Serving it up to SMBs: What's on the menu?

    There are few people in the IT industry that would gloat about servicing a company of less than 50 people to their global peers. There are even fewer that would do it for a 10-seat operation. But in reality, the SMB market is the backbone of the Australian economy and deserves its time in the spotlight.

  • Harvey Norman growth slows

    ASX-listed Harvey Norman (ASX: HVN) yesterday posted an 8.7 per cent increase in sales for the financial year ending June 30, 2008.