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Stories by Trevor Clarke

  • Growing pains

    Everybody wants growth. But when it comes thick and fast it can be a challenge for older IT infrastructure to absorb the waves of new data. For SMBs, if their ability to store that all-important information and efficiently capitalise on the opportunity is lacking, they may miss the growth boat. Indeed, having a sound storage strategy that plans for the future is essential to harnessing growth potential.

  • Finding the right storage strategy

    For many years, storage in the SMB market was merely a choice of base hardware and software. Except those considering large expansion plans, there was simply no pressing need to think beyond the storage basics.

  • The fight for mobile Internet dominance

    Recent months have seen a lot of huff and puff about Australia's next generation of mobile Internet. Almost weekly, reports filter in of the rise of one technology and demise of the other.

  • Virtually unstoppable

    The server virtualisation train has already bulleted its way into corporations globally and is increasingly pivotal to many IT strategies. Its market penetration has been solid and it is delivering significant cost savings and environmental benefits to those on-board.