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Stories by Trevor Clarke

  • CSG profits up, bullish on outlook

    CSG has pumped up its profits by 24 per cent for the full year to June 30 on the back of its acquisition of Commander’s managed services business and contract wins outside of its Northern Territory base.

  • Cisco drops hardware prices by 15 per cent

    Cisco has become the second vendor in recent weeks to drop its hardware prices after raising them as the Aussie dollar dropped sharply at the end of 2008 against the US and Japanese currencies.

  • Ten years to a smarter economy?

    One month after the Federal Government released its report into the digital economy a group comprising industry representatives and ICT companies has developed a 10-year roadmap.

  • The NBN teams: The form before the big match

    With the first rollout of the National Broadband Network scheduled to see shovels digging in Tasmania in October and the NBNco and TNBNco teams announced it’s time to check their form. There are four major teams in the game and as the big game draws ever nearer their form to date is mixed.

  • Feature: Looking up in wonderment or bewilderment?

    Remember those youthful late spring days when you lay down on the sports field with the smell of cut wet grass heavy in the air and looked up at the sky? At first, you squinted as your eyes adjusted. But after a time focus returned and you could concentrate on watching 747s streak into the great blue, guessing their destinations from the angle of the sun’s reflection. You strained to keep track as the planes were finally lost behind the clouds. Clouds then stole your attention; rolling, ambling, morphing into ever newer shapes. You realised clouds could never ever be just one thing and sometimes were what you wanted them to be. That is until they let loose with the rain and the fun of looking up was lost for the moment.

  • Data#3 looks for long-term growth

    ASX-listed integrator, Data#3, has side-stepped the economic doom and gloom, posting record half-year profits and increasing its dividend by 11 per cent.