Stories by Narasu Rebbapragada

  • Google Street View Funny ... or Disaster?

    Embarrassing moments, unexplained car crashes, and crazy stunts. You never know what the Google Street View team is going to capture on camera next. If only an 'Undoo Button' was in play for those captured here

  • CES - Power your gadgets by sun and water

    While the Consumer Electronics Association announced that it would go green by purchasing 20,000 tons' worth of carbon offsets, a few companies at CES 2008's Sustainable Technologies TechZone introduced new products that use fewer nonrenewable resources from the get-go. They're still a little pricey for the average consumer, but they show that both sunlight and water are viable power sources for laptops, iPods, cell phones, and other gadgets.

  • Guarding against online fraud

    Many dangers threaten us on the Internet - even when we're just browsing the Web. McAfee's SiteAdvisor Plus, the fee-based sibling of the security software firm's free Site Advisor product, and Symantec's Norton Confidential, focus on protecting users as they interact with websites. Both apps work only with Internet Explorer 6 and later.

  • Will Apple enter movie download business?

    Apple's announcement of a September 12 special event has stirred rumors that the company will unveil a movie download service in the vein of its wildly popular iTunes Music Store. But to succeed in movies the way that it does in music, Apple faces three critical challenges: cost, content, delivery.

  • Apple announces Intel-based Mac Minis

    Apple has introduced its Intel-based Mac Mini with Intel Core Solo (single processor) chip. The vendor claims the single-processor Mac Mini is 2.5 to 3 times faster than the G4 Mac Mini. A Core Duo version (two processors) is 4.8 to 5.5 times faster than the G4 Mac Mini.

  • Updated iMac comes with camera, remote

    <b>Apple has dropped the price, bumped up the speed, and enhanced the features</b> of its 20-inch iMac G5. The result is an all-in-one desktop computer that's more media friendly and affordable than its predecessor; but like that unit, it falls short of being a media PC because it lacks a built-in TV tuner.

  • G4 PowerBook revamp not compelling

    Apple released an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, revamp of its PowerBook notebook line at the end of January. Improvements include slightly faster PowerPC G4 processors, hard drives, graphics chips and optical drives. While testing the 1.67GHz 15.2-inch widescreen PowerBook with 8X DVD+RW burner, I found it to be fast, light and a joy to use - but no particular enhancement rocked my world.