Stories by Michael Jenkin

  • Too much redundancy is a myth

    It seems like only yesterday I was writing an article about the merits of cloud computing, storing your precious irreplaceable data and photos online. At the time it was topical as the Victorian Black Saturday fires had devastated parts of the state. Many treasured memories were lost forever. I thought about online storage and backups once again when the floods and then cyclones ripped through Queensland recently.

  • Consulting room: Will you be my wing man?

    Many things in life need to be done as a team. Take hockey for example. Not everyone can be in the goals and not everyone can be the half back or wing. The team needs to work together to compliment the skills of each other to finally drive the ball through and score a goal. Life is full of situations where teams are required and IT is no exception.

  • IT speed dating - it works

    In today’s reseller environment, traditional marketing and sales methods are not working. Prospective clients are bombarded with junk mail in their letter boxes, junk advertisements in their magazines and spam in their email mailboxes. We have so little time these days to read all the marketing material thrown at us and often it accumulates only to be deleted or thrown out without being read.

  • Consulting Room: In support of IT heroes

    In the world of retail and professional IT services, balancing hard fought margins and sustainability with non-profit generating activities, like staff support and training, are an ever present nightmare.