Stories by Ross Catanzariti

  • Dick Smith Electronics flogs mobile phone with porn pics

    A Dick Smith Electronics store in Cairns, Queensland, is in hot water over allegations it recently sold a mobile phone containing pornographic photos. The customer, a university student, was "shocked and disgusted" when she discovered the images on the newly purchased phone.

  • Apple MacBook Pro

    Apple has upgraded its MacBook Pro range, but although the addition of multi-touch technology (first introduced on the Apple MacBook Air) is a nice feature, there aren't many other improvements. If you are a current MacBook Pro owner, there is no reason to upgrade, but if not the latest MacBook Pro is an excellent option for power users.

  • Freshtel 4030 Stickphone

    The Freshtel 4030 Stickphone is a USB VoIP phone that connects to a PC, and is able to make VoIP calls via the Freshtel service. The package consists of a USB stick, a headset with microphone handset, and a free Freshtel account, which can be upgraded to make calls if you wish. Conveniently, the Stickphone also doubles as a 128MB USB key.

  • Optus Wireless Connect

    Although Optus hasn't upgraded to the High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) network, their Wireless Connect card remains a solid option in the mobile broadband space, thanks to decent speeds and excellent mobile coverage. Using a PCMCIA data card, the Wireless Connect package is easy to set up and includes effective software.

  • Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse

    Apple has released a wireless version of their popular Mighty Mouse, the first Apple mouse in history to include a two-button design. A comfortable design, Bluetooth connectivity and nifty, touch sensitive buttons, the Wireless Mighty Mouse is only let down by poorly placed function buttons and a high price tag.

  • RIM Blackberry 8707v

    Designed exclusively for use with the Vodafone network, the BlackBerry 8707v is an update to their 8707 handset, adding 3G capabilities to what already was a quite impressive unit. The 8700v (v standing for Vodafone) offers the convenient push email functionality that BlackBerry's are famous for, while also providing excellent battery life and a comfortable keyboard, but its asking price is a little higher than we'd like to see.

  • Music to the ears

    We didn't hesitate to compare this to the iPod nano; arguably the flagship flash-based MP3 player on the market. Small, compact, light, thin and boasting a colour screen as well as a touchpad, the Samsung Z5 is the closest thing we've seen in terms of looks, features and functions. But does it stack up? We definitely think so.

  • Nokia 3G is a joy to use

    3G Phones have long been a hit and miss affair. Unlike their 2.5G counterparts, 3G handsets are generally regarded as big, bulky and slow - among many other issues. Only recently have we seen a change in this and Nokia has joined the party, this time offering the classy 6280. It's quite simply excellent in most areas.

  • Speakers pack a punch

    Creative's i-Trigue 3600 PC speaker system offers quality sound and great looks. It comes highly recommended - although at a price.

  • Apple iSight is eye catching

    The Apple iSight is a stylish Macintosh-based FireWire webcam which delivers outstanding video quality and includes a noise suppression microphone - but be prepared to pay for Apple's styling.