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Stories by Matthew Sainsbury

  • Mindscape: how to survive an IT crash and look good in 2011

    Mindscape in Australia has had a long and convoluted history. It started out as SoftKey International – a business started by of one man, Kevin O’Leary, and is very much the ‘from the basement to superstardom’ story. O’Leary took a $10,000 investment from his mother and turned it into a billion-dollar company by 1994 that had acquired over 60 companies – including the likes of SSI games, Brøderbund and The Learning Company (which the group later took the name of).

  • yARN: Cloud 2? We never needed Cloud!

    I’ve been in this industry long enough that I wasn’t exactly surprised to hear that we now apparently have a Cloud 2. boss, Marc Benioff, apparently decided a few weeks ago that the first Cloud was not enough, and it was time to turn the technology into a franchise.

  • Year of the breach

    The security industry has been rocked by a near-constant stream of breaches and threats in 2011, and it’s having a real impact on security resellers’ business and customer interaction, but in a very positive way.

  • NEWS FEATURE: Making the transition

    Transition Systems is a growing distributor in the video and network space, and its managing director, Michael Beesley, isn’t finished yet. He sat down with ARN to talk about where the company has come from, and where it is going.

  • NBN: Do you still need to optimise?

    Despite the political controversy over its value to the Australian public, the NBN is going to be a hugely beneficial piece of national infrastructure. Faster and more reliable speeds will mean new applications can be developed to the benefit of consumers and businesses alike.

  • Making a case for KACE

    <i>Dell KACE country manager, Jon McBride, is charged with building one of the vendor’s newly-acquired brands to the channel. He sat down with </i>ARN<i> to talk over his background, business, and diving experiences.</i>

  • News feature: Risky business

    Risk management should be high on the list of priorities right now. If organisations and boards didn’t realise its importance previously, the natural disasters of Queensland, Victoria, Perth, Christchurch, Japan, and, most recently, Myanmar (it’s been a bad start to the year) should have reinforced it.