Stories by Darren Pauli

  • Hosting company hit by hack attack

    E-mail hosting company Servers Australia was the victim of a hack attack on Friday which spammed its customers with offensive e-mails by assuming the company's domain name.

  • BI vendors don't matter

    Businesses looking to adopt a business intelligence strategy were told "all BI vendors are the same" at Gartner's Information management Summit in Sydney today.

  • Spam at all time high

    Up to 90 percent of all e-mails will be spam by the end of this year, according to research released yesterday.

  • Local banks scammed by PM scare

    The Commonwealth Bank and Westpac account holders have become victims of a phishing scam in which malicious code reveals the physical location of affected IP addresses using Google Maps.

  • IT managers shun Vista hype

    Local IT managers are not succumbing to the Windows Vista hype, instead opting to run pilots, delay installations, or shun the operating system entirely.

  • SurfControl guru discusses the changing IT security landscape

    With phishing scams masquerading like the flu and malware attacking from new fronts such as Websites, USB keys and mobile devices, IT security professionals are expected to be human firewalls. Throw in the need to regulate compliance over new and encrypted communication channels like IM or P2P, plus the security concerns of Vista and its easy to see why IT security management is getting tougher. Richard Cullen, distinguished engineer (who researchers emerging security threats and methodologies) from security software vendor Surfcontrol explains the concerns of today's IT security professional.

  • Manufacturing, communications and media to lead CRM adoption by 2011

    As CRM becomes mobile, Australian adoption rates remain under 10 percent and still lag behind the US. However, Goldmine senior director Paul Petersen says the technology is less than two years from mass-market appeal, and says consumers are beginning to realize CRM's benefits, such as lead generation, by deploying it over multiple systems.

  • Users scoff at Microsoft's Linux IP claims

    IT managers have slammed Microsoft's claims that Linux source code infringes on its intellectual property, and have criticized Novell's deal with the company saying it grants validity to the claims.