Stories by Brian Corrigan

  • Rating system has potential

    I recently found a new website called that invites IT users to rate their vendors (including channel organisations). Companies, or particular product categories such as IBM server & systems, are rated out of 10 across a list of 10 qualities including budget, communication, customer service, expertise, integrity, reliability and usability.

  • Another one bites the dust

    About a month ago, I used this column to warn of difficult times ahead and suggested that companies already under pressure would find the going particularly tough.

  • Ingram: Local freight charge decision within a month

    Although there hasn't been a mandate from its US parent company, Ingram Micro's local boss has admitted the distributor is considering the introduction of freight and handling charges. Its Australian resellers are likely to be notified within the next month.

  • Greening the network

    Do it for the money. If you still think you know better than some of the brightest scientific and economic minds in the world, and the overwhelming majority of researchers who have spent more time on the climate change issue than anyone else, then at least save yourself and your clients some coin.

  • Pick a number

    Some recent stories I’ve read, and conversations with senior industry folk, have brought an old question back into the spotlight – how many distributors should a vendor have in any particular market?

  • Trust me, I’m serious

    In the past 18 months or so, EMC has been talking to partners about its Velocity Partner Program in an attempt to identify the parts that work and those that don’t. What have been the key findings?