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Stories by Grant Gross

  • Information overload

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by information overload lately, you may not be alone. The amount of new information stored on various media such as hard drives has doubled in the past three years, to five exabytes of new information produced in 2002, according to a recently released study by the University of California.

  • Programming the jukebox

    Under attack from the US entertainment industry and some members of the US Congress, the largest peer-to-peer (P-to-P) software vendors are forging ahead with business plans that some critics find ironic: the distribution of music and content licensed from the very industry that calls them “outlaws”.

  • Sun co-founder resigns

    After more than 20 years at Sun Microsystems, co-founder and chief scientist, Bill Joy, is leaving the company.

  • RIAA sues 261 music uploaders

    The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced Monday that it has filed civil lawsuits against 261 people across the U.S. and will seek thousands of dollars in damages from the defendants, who have each allegedly uploaded an average of 1,000 songs to peer-to-peer networks.

  • Stockholder pushes for MCI boycott

    An angry WorldCom stockholder proposing a boycott of the telecommunications company has received more than 17,000 emails, including 7000 in the past week, from supporters.

  • Wireless standards groups merge

    Two groups that already have worked closely together on developing wireless security standards have decided to formally join forces. By mid-June, the PAM Forum, a consortium working on presence and availability (P&A) security standards within the wireless industry, will become part of the Parlay Group, a multi-vendor industry consortium encouraging common standards across wireless and other networks.

  • WorldCom name disappears overnight

    Telecommunications giant, WorldCom, plagued by bankruptcy court and fraud allegations, got rid of its name in favor of MCI Communications in the space of a few hours, but the change is more than cosmetic, according to the company's vice-president of global marketing, Ron McMurtrie.

  • US agency: Korean RAM unfairly subsidised

    The US Department of Commerce has preliminarily concluded that imports of some RAM chips from South Korea are illegally subsidised by the government there, allowing the US to start imposing import duty taxes.

  • Program encourages vendors to go open source

    A US think tank advocating the use of open source software in government has launched a source-code escrow program that would allow vendors to make money on proprietary software while eventually releasing their products to the open-source community.