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Stories by Eric Lai

  • VOICECON - IBM, Siemens unify on communication

    IBM has announced Wednesday that it plans to embed unified communications features from the upcoming version of the OpenScape software from Siemens Communications into its Sametime instant messaging software.

  • Forrester: Businesses saying no to Vista still

    Software incompatibility, the need for hardware upgrades, and comfort with existing versions of Microsoft Windows are all causing businesses that once planned to roll out Windows Vista as fast as consumers to put off their deployments, according to Forrester Research.

  • Survey: Microsoft may catch Apache in Web server market

    Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) continues to narrow the gap with the open-source Apache Web server, with a survey firm suggesting that the longtime second banana could surpass Apache as early as next year.

  • Microsoft partly outsources Commerce Server development

    Microsoft said Wednesday that it will begin partnering with a Gatineau, Quebec-based company for future development, marketing and support of its <a href="" target="_blank">Commerce Server</a> software for building e-commerce Web sites.

  • Microsoft clarifies open-source certification plans

    Microsoft clarified its plans to seek open-source certification for its shared-source licenses on Wednesday, saying it will submit for approval only the two licenses that allow source code to be used on any platform.

  • Microsoft not so 'open' after all?

    The head of the open-source group that will decide whether to certify Microsoft's "shared source" software licenses as open-source licenses said that more than half of Redmond's licences appear to automatically fail the group's rules.

  • Windows Vista ships 60 million

    Microsoft last week revealed more details about Windows Vista's financial performance, supporting its contention that the operating system is meeting and beating market expectations.

  • Microsoft trying to get code open-source certification

    After months of antagonizing the open-source community, Microsoft now appears to be trying to engage it by seeking an official stamp of approval for the licences that the company uses to share its own software and source code.

  • Microsoft lashes back at attack

    The head of Microsoft's customer relationship management software business Thursday parried verbal attacks by executives from rival over Microsoft's belated introduction of a hosted CRM offering last week.

  • Microsoft hosting software partners dismiss threat

    At this week's Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, many attendees will searching for reassurance from Redmond now that Microsoft is finally revving up its hosted software business -- and threatening to steal away their partners' established efforts as a result.

  • Analyst: Lotus Notes to keep spot in e-mail hierarchy

    Despite an upsurge in open-source and hosted competitors, IBM's Lotus Notes corporate e-mail client software and Domino e-mail server is expected to maintain its second banana status behind Microsoft Outlook and Exchange through at least 2011.