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Stories by Eric Lai

  • Microsoft grants Linux patent amnesty to LG Electronics

    Microsoft on Wednesday announced a cross-licensing deal with Korean consumer electronics maker LG Electronics. It is the fifth such deal in recent months that involves Redmond's controversial granting of Linux patent 'protection' -- in this case, to LG-made cell phones and other devices.

  • In-Stat: Vista not goosing PC sales

    Windows Vista's official release earlier this year may have distorted PC sales in the last six months, but it is unlikely to accelerate the market overall, a market research firm said Wednesday.

  • Microsoft to add better device support in Vista

    Responding to low-level but persistent grumbling from users about peripheral devices that won't work with Windows Vista, Microsoft claimed Wednesday that its new operating system now supports 1.9 million devices -- up from 1.6 million at Vista's launch in January.

  • Red Hat ratchets up co-opetition with IBM, HP

    In a move that could help it fight foe Oracle but anger some longtime allies, Red Hat Thursday officially began selling and providing technical support for popular business software that runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

  • With XPS as PDF killer, MS opens second front on Adobe

    Silverlight, the rich media technology that Microsoft trotted out last week, isn't the company's only attack on Adobe Systems's multimedia dominance. In addition to Silverlight, touted as a potential Flash-killer, Microsoft is quietly putting the moves on Adobe's other popular consumer technology, the Portable Document Format (PDF).

  • New tools push growth of digital content creation

    Propelled by new tools to extend AJAX and make the Web even more interactive, the worldwide market for digital content creation products is expected to grow from $US3.04 billion last year to $US4.95 billion by 2012, according to a market research firm.

  • Video card sales slid in Q4 as buyers awaited Vista

    Revenues from the sale of add-on video cards in the last three months of 2006 were down 15 per cent from the same quarter in 2005, as the delayed release of Windows Vista and ever-more-powerful integrated graphics processors took their toll on Nvidia and AMD, according to Jon Peddie Research.

  • DASHing solution proposed for remote PC diagnosis

    A new low-level PC management standard is brewing, one that may eventually enable IT managers to remotely diagnose and fix malfunctioning machines -- even those that are turned off or unable to boot.

  • Blog divulges details about next Windows OS

    For the second time in five weeks, information about a key upcoming Microsoft product has come to light because of a presentation placed on the company's Web site by an employee in Denmark.