Stories by Eric Lai

  • Microsoft guns Open XML onto ISO fast track

    The International Standards Organization (ISO) agreed Saturday to put Open XML, the document format created and championed by Microsoft, on a fast-track approval process that could see Open XML ratified as an international standard by August.

  • Any objections? For Open XML standard, yes (still)

    Microsoft's Open XML file format cleared a small hurdle Wednesday, after documents released by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) showed fewer countries harbouring strong objections than had been expected.

  • ATI looks to outpoint Nvidia on Vista gaming

    With Nvidia engaged in damage control after receiving numerous complaints from disgruntled gamers about the performance of its graphics processors on Windows Vista, archrival, ATI Technologies, hopes to capitalise on the situation.

  • MS Office to skip past 'unlucky' 13 in 2009

    Microsoft may have just released Office 2007 to consumers mere weeks ago, but the company is already working hard on the next version - internally known as Office 14 - and targeting it for release in the first half of 2009, according to information from Microsoft's own website.

  • Has open-source lost its halo?

    Is open-source still a grassroots social movement made up of idealistic underdogs trying to revolutionize an amoral industry? Or has it become a cloak used by IT vendors large and small to disguise ruthless and self-serving behaviour?

  • IBM Labs does mashups, wikis, Second Lives

    IBM's research achievements are legendary: the hard drive; DRAM; the relational database; DES data encryption; Deep Blue, the chess-playing supercomputer, and Blue Gene, its DNA-simulating descendant; and two Nobel Prizes. It also holds the most patents of any company worldwide for the 14th straight year.

  • Why pirated Vista has Microsoft champing at BitTorrent

    As Microsoft gets ready to launch Windows Vista and Office 2007 to consumers, it claims a formidable new foe it lacked at its last major consumer software launch five years ago: the popular filesharing network known as BitTorrent.

  • Microsoft employee apologizes to developers

    James Plamondon, the former technical evangelist for Microsoft who in a 1996 speech called independent software developers "pawns," said Wednesday he now "regrets" using the metaphor.

  • Microsoft's developer relationship seen as key

    Despite comments from a Microsoft executive in testimony released last week in which he called software developers "pawns," the company's success at wooing third-party software developers has long been credited as key to the success of Windows and other Microsoft platforms.