Stories by Eric Lai

  • Microsoft: Vista 'on track' despite Gartner doubts

    While Microsoft has a good track record of hitting its release targets for minor operating systems, its history with large, complex overhauls such as Windows Vista is far spottier, according to Gartner, which in a Monday research note predicted a further delay in Windows Vista's release.

  • HP to support MySQL

    Hewlett-Packard said Tuesday that it will begin supporting open-source database MySQL via a MySQL program aimed at smaller business customers.

  • Microsoft snags asset management firm

    Microsoft on Wednesday said it has bought a small Canadian asset management company to help improve the asset tracking capabilities in its System Center family of management applications.

  • Linux gaining as Oracle database platform of choice

    Consolidating disparate databases for easier management and moving to Linux to save money are among the top issues for Oracle database users, according to a recent survey of members of the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG).

  • Microsoft hopes to 'mix' it up with Expression

    Multimedia developer Jered Cuenco calls it the "gray box application" phenomenon: when a developer, befuddled by a graphic designer's computer-drawn mockups and unclear instructions, comes back with a prototype full of generic gray buttons, plain white backgrounds, oversize headlines in blinking Times New Roman text and other such crimes against user interfaces.

  • A new view of security in Vista

    Companies beta testing Vista have been quick to praise new security features in the operating system which is due out by year's end.

  • VMWare releases free beta of virtualization software

    Shrugging off challenges from rival upstarts touting better technology, virtualization leader VMware on Friday released a free beta version of its software for creating multiple operating systems on a single machine.