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Stories by Jim Duffy

  • Cisco adds voice support to new line of catalyst switches

    In a move designed to enable users to build higher-capacity gigabit backbones and add voice to their switched LANs, Cisco Systems has launched a new switch family: the Catalyst 6000. The Catalyst 6000s will be able to handle large network aggregation requirements, such as concentrating links from multiple Catalyst 5000 workgroup switches.

  • Cabletron rocked by loss

    Shareholders and analysts are calling for new blood at Cabletron Systems after the company shocked Wall Street by saying it will report a loss for the third quarter. Cabletron says it expects to post a loss of 10 cents per share for its fiscal third quarter ended November 30, rather than the 11 cents per share gain forecast by Wall Street analysts and First Call, a financial tracking firm.

  • Cisco enhances its access router family

    Cisco Systems has rolled out two additions to its 2600 line of access routers that will let users route between 10/100Mbps Ethernet virtual LANs. The 2600 series routers support Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, token ring and mixed LAN environments. The routers also support multiservice data/voice integration, which allows users to consolidate data, voice and video traffic to reduce costs, enable new business applications and improve network efficiency, Cisco says.

  • New Catalyst switch on the way from Cisco

    Cisco Systems is expected to soon roll out a Gigabit Ethernet switch for wiring closets, small backbones and server farms. The Catalyst 4000 is a Layer 2 device that supports Layer 3 services such as Cisco Group Multicast Protocol snooping. The new three-slot switch can house up to 36 Gigabit Ethernet and 96 10/100Mbps autosensing Ethernet ports, sources say.

  • Cisco ramps up voice technology plans

    Cisco Systems is addressing a big question mark in its IP convergence strategy by improving the reliability of its data network gear for transmitting voice. The company is beefing up its products for service provider requirements, stressing its software prowess, and investing in voice expertise, according to Don Listwin, Cisco executive vice president.

  • Nortel rolls out router/switch road map

    Nortel Networks is girding for future network battles by boosting its router and switch lines and more tightly integrating products from its Bay Networks acquisition. Over the next six to 12 months, Nortel will fortify its Accelar Layer 3 and Centillion ATM switches, as well as Backbone Node and AccessNode routers, to address four customer requirements: application optimization; operational efficiency; reliability and uptime; and bandwidth control. At the same time, Nortel will roll out software that provides consistent quality-of-service (QoS), policy and management services across Nortel's Meridian and Passport switches, as well as LAN switches and routers from Bay. The vendor is trying to firmly establish its products and services as more powerful alternatives to equipment from rivals Cisco and Lucent.

  • All guns on Cisco at switching showdown

    You can't blame Cisco Systems for being defensive. ARN's sister publication Network World held a Layer 3 Switching showdown at the recent Networld+Interop event here. And everyone, it seems, wanted a piece of Cisco. The showdown separated some of the fact from the fiction regarding Layer 3 switches. In addition to Cisco, participants included 3Com, Cabletron Systems, Extreme Networks, Foundry Networks, Nortel Networks and Packet Engines.

  • Nortel bolsters Accelar switches

    Nortel Networks last week rolled out software for its Layer 3 switches that could enable users to avoid network downtime. As part of a broader strategy announcement focused on unifying voice, data and video networks, Nortel unveiled Version 1.3 of its Accelar switch software at NetWorld+Interop '98 here.

  • 3Com boosts VPN gear

    3Com's virtual private network (VPN) strategy came into clearer focus last week with the introduction of the company's PathBuilder 500 product. The device is what 3Com calls a "Layer 3 Tunnel Switch", designed to allow users to build secure VPNs, in which the public Internet substitutes for a private enterprise network.

  • Cisco snaps up wireless wonder

    Cisco Systems is looking to offer users as many alternatives as possible for accessing corporate networks and the Internet.

  • Cabletron expands high-speed router line

    Cabletron Systems' new routers are designed to let users cost-effectively extend high-speed routing services from the backbone to the desktop at prices that fall well below the competition.

  • Cisco bolsters Catalyst 5500 line

    The latest additions to Cisco Systems' Catalyst 5500 LAN switch line are designed to help users take advantage of gigabit speeds without uprooting existing Ethernet infrastructures.

  • Cabletron adds smarts to switches

    Cabletron Systems next month will ship a version of its switch software that lets users build large network domains and suppress certain types of traffic.

  • 3Com raises the ATM switch ante

    Taking direct aim at Cisco Systems and Fore Systems, 3Com will shortly announce its most powerful ATM backbone switch to date.