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Stories by Tim Greene

  • RSA - Plan now for NAC

    Many businesses using NAC today were forced into it by dire security implications, but that's not the best way to go, implementers of the technology told attendees at RSA Conference 2007.

  • Asterisk maker names new CEO

    Digium has named a new CEO to replace the open source PBX maker's founder, Mark Spencer, who will now become the company's chairman and CTO. Spencer wrote the code for the PBX, known as Asterisk.

  • NAC: hot, but not fully baked

    The way network access control is on everybody's lips these days, you might think you have to do something about it right now -- but you don't.

  • Survey: Small businesses leery of VoIP

    Businesses with fewer than 500 employees are more suspicious of voice-over-IP security than they are of the traditional phone network and even more suspicious than they are of Wi-Fi, according to an IDC study sponsored by the Computing Technology Industry Association.

  • Code Green fights e-mail data leaks

    Code Green Networks is introducing an appliance that can help customers protect trade secrets and meet regulations that govern the way corporations protect sensitive data.

  • Survey: NAC backlash growing

    Network Access Control technologies may be waning as a priority for businesses because decision makers worry that the technology isn't quite baked yet, according to an upcoming study by TheInfoPro.

  • Juniper pitching fast applications

    Juniper this week plans to introduce hardware and software that can speed remote-site and data center traffic while helping customers reduce hardware and save money.

  • Having a NAC for network security

    Network access control stands out as one of the most promising security technologies, but it also is one of the most misunderstood. That's in part because vendors want in on the NAC buzz and are clamoring for attention, despite selling products that are only peripheral. This raises problems for companies that want to consider NAC but don't have a solid sense of what it is, what it might do for them and what kind of investment it requires.

  • Juniper aims new gear at branch office, Cisco

    During the next 18 months, Juniper Networks plans to roll out branch-office devices that integrate MPLS routing, VOIP and WAN acceleration capabilities - a combination designed to streamline architecture and reduce administrative costs.