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Stories by Tim Greene

  • Caution urged on VPN security

    Companies consider it important to check whether or not remote computers meet corporate security profiles before they gain VPN access, but endpoint checking cannot address all the problems the machines might cause.

  • Matisse announces efficient optical ring technology

    Matisse Networks is introducing an optical switch that is stingy in its use of lasers but can support fully meshed fiber-optic rings on which traffic is provisioned as if the whole network were based on Layer 2 Ethernet switches alone.

  • Aventail automates SSL VPN setup

    Aventail is upgrading its SSL VPN agent software so it can initiate transactions between remote branch machines and central site servers and databases automatically, eliminating the need for staff to perform routine daily tasks between sites.

  • Wireless mobility vendors make up and merge

    Wireless mobility vendors NetMotion and Padcom have merged, making one of the largest vendors in the field and burying a lingering patent suit between the two.The all-stock transaction is expected to be finalized in the next few weeks and the company will be known as NetMotion.

  • Branch in a box for remote management

    Looking to eliminate the hodgepodge of devices users have to manage in branch offices, many customers are turning to single, multi-function devices known as a "branch in a box" that perform branch-office network functions while being managed remotely.