Stories by Tim Greene

  • Juniper blends IPSec and SSL

    Juniper is supporting both IPSec and SSL in its NetScreen security gateways, making it possible to use the more appropriate VPN technology depending on circumstances.

  • 3Com to integrate IPS with switches and routers

    3Com will integrate its intrusion-prevention gear with its network equipment later this year in an effort to let customers quarantine attacks by shutting down switch ports and redirecting users to restricted virtual LANs.

  • The NetScreen move still open to debate

    One year has passed since Juniper closed the books on its acquisition of VPN and intrusion-prevention vendor NetScreen Technologies, but the company has yet to parlay its year-old enterprise security presence into a broader corporate business.

  • Fortinet gets into the SSL VPN game

    There's a new name in SSL VPNs and it is Fortinet. The company is adding SSL VPN software to the standard package loaded on its FortiGate hardware, making it an SSL VPN gateway in addition to all the other stuff it does.

  • Juniper fills gaps in its enterprise strategy

    Juniper this week is set to reveal a key component of its corporate customer strategy that will include a network quarantine scheme that relies on the use of the company's WAN VPN technology to enforce access, security and QoS policies.

  • Nortel, Symantec team up to secure nets

    Nortel Networks and Symantec are joining forces to beef up network security by using Symantec threat discovery technology in combination with Nortel network hardware to block attacks.

  • Desktop search engines threaten SSL VPN security

    New PC indexing tools such as Google Desktop Search pose security risks to businesses that use SSL remote access because the tools copy material accessed during SSL sessions and make it available to unauthorised people who later use the same PC.

  • Cisco looks ahead to home networking boom

    Cisco Systems is looking to grab a chunk of the customer premises equipment market when converged IP residential services catch on and demand blooms for multifunction home appliances, the company's home-gear president says.

  • Nortel opens SIP code for interoperability

    Nortel Networks is opening up its Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) code to the public in an effort to promote interoperability with other vendors' gear, the company announced at the Supercomm trade show.