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Stories by Tim Greene

  • World Wide Packets does VPLS

    World Wide Packets is introducing gear to support virtual Ethernet LAN services to homes and businesses over copper wiring or fiber optics.

  • Fortinet to launch homegrown content-filtering service

    Fortinet is introducing a second content-filtering service to its multi-function security hardware – this time it's home-grown. Called FortiGuard, the service offers an alternative for Fortinet customers whose previous option, if they wanted to buy a content filtering service through Fortinet, was to buy a service from the company's partner Cerberian.

  • 56K modem inventor wants his due

    While 56K bit/sec modems have been on the market since 1997, the wrangling continues over who deserves credit - and royalties - for the technology. Analog Devices, which makes modem chipsets, has settled out of court for an undisclosed amount with Brent Townshend, who holds five patents on the 56K modem technology.

  • Check Point CEO on upcoming products

    Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. this week announced it will introduce two products by mid-2004 that will address Web security and internal network security for businesses. Called Web Security and Internal Security, these two product families can be deployed independently or integrated with current Check Point products such as VPN-1/Firewall-1. In an interview with Tim Greene, Check Point's Chairman and CEO Gil Shwed gave some flavor of what the new products would include.

  • Celite hires XAVi

    Celite Systems Inc. has found a manufacturer to make modems for a broadband technology resembling Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and can cut access service delivery costs by 75 percent, the company claims.

  • Authentication upgrade on tap from Funk

    Funk Software Inc. is introducing upgraded software that lets Cisco Systems Inc. gear users authenticate and gain access to wireless networks via Funk's RADIUS servers.

  • F5 buys uRoam, strengthens offerings

    F5 Networks has bought Secure Sockets Layer remote access vendor uRoam to help it offer a way to secure remote machines that are accessing corporate servers through F5 gear.

  • Symantec adds tools to pcAnywhere

    The latest upgrade of Symantec's pcAnywhere introduces eight management tools that the company says streamline communication with remote machines so help-desk staff can handle more calls per day.

  • Check Point digs deep into packets

    Check Point Software Technologies is set to give its firewall customers the ability to detect and block application-layer attacks such as Code Red, Nimda and SQL slammer worms.

  • Cisco updates firewall appliances

    Cisco Systems is introducing software upgrades that boost the speed of and allow more concurrent users on some of its low-end PIX firewall appliances.