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Stories by Network World staff

  • Cisco Expands CCNA

    It was a Networkers 1998 - Philadelphia, I believe - where Cisco first announced CCNA to the general public. Now, 10 years later at Networkers 2008 (aka Cisco Live), Cisco is announcing some major additions to CCNA.

  • Enterasys, Extreme hooking up?

    Could Enterasys be looking at possibly acquiring rival Extreme Networks? There's been a flurry of speculation on that. Enterasys has made no bones about its intention to acquire a sizable company that will take it close to US$1 billion in annual revenue and better compete with Cisco and new enterprise LAN switch entrant Juniper Networks. Extreme and Enterasys both do about US$350 million in yearly sales.

  • Attack of the iPhone clones

    Check out our collection of iPhone-inspired devices. We'll start out with the latest announcements and finish it out with a few imitators still making the rounds.

  • The 20 most useful Microsoft sites for IT professionals

    Microsoft professionals have a lot to keep track of, and a lot of market noise to contend with. That's why we've compiled this list of the 20 best places on the Web to help you find what you need. The list includes technology-specific sites, worthy bloggers and safe resources to help you pass your next Microsoft cert or training course. Plus we'll reveal places for trustworthy free Microsoft software and the best sites to help you stay on top of the voluminous amount of news churned out by, and about, the folks in Redmond.

  • RFID encryption flawed in smart cards, researchers claim

    New research showing that smart cards with encrypted RFID chips might not be as secure as previously thought is raising concerns in Boston, where the subway CharlieCards use just such technology. The research raises the specter of thieves with US$1,000 worth of equipment cracking smart-card encryption and making counterfeit cards to do everything from swipe fares to gain access to high-security areas.

  • Microsoft's Ballmer: More investments coming

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Monday future growth for the company hinges on continued investment that matches the company's multi-billion dollar revenue and operating income, and that the company will be very active in pumping money into eight core areas.