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Stories by Matt Hamblen

  • Cisco promotes Charles Giancarlo to CTO

    Cisco Systems announced changes to its technology leadership team Tuesday, including the appointment of Charles Giancarlo to the position of chief technology officer, a position that had been vacant since 2000.

  • HP unveils software management product road map

    HP has unveiled its management software product road map for dozens of products through 2005, describing software to manage Wi-Fi and voice-over-IP networks as well as a Linux-based management server, among others.

  • Cisco exec explains pricing strategy

    Mario Mazzola, a senior vice president at Cisco Systems and the company's chief development officer, recently spoke with Computerworld about Cisco's pricing and its innovation efforts.

  • Copper tops 10 gigabits

    When the first 10 gigabit Ethernet standard was released nearly two years ago, sky-high prices of more than US$50,000 per port kept many IT organizations on the sidelines. Though prices have dropped since then, the technology remains expensive, in part because it runs only on fibre-optic cabling.

  • SCO sends notices to 6000 Linux licensees

    The SCO Group has begun sending written notices to its 6000 Unix licensees requiring them to certify that they are in full compliance with their Unix source code agreements and aren’t using Unix code in Linux.

  • 3Com to roll out high-speed LAN switch

    3Com has announced its highest-performance LAN switch to date, as it continues to woo large corporate users through a joint venture with Chinese vendor Huawei Technologies.

  • Cisco touts new desktop videoconferencing technology

    Cisco officials offered some hints about future technology directions this week, giving a brief description of Internet Protocol desktop videoconferencing capability coming next year and laying out their interest in providing products for autonomic and utility computing.

  • Interview: MS's autonomic IT plan starts with dev tools

    Bob Muglia, senior vice president of Microsoft's enterprise storage and management divisions, is one of the architects of the autonomic computing plan that the software vendor announced in March. Muglia spoke with Computerworld US about Microsoft's efforts to sell IT managers on its Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) approach.

  • 3Com launches WAN routers based on Huawei's technology

    Networking vendor 3Com has introduced its first WAN router line. The new products are made by Chinese vendor Huawei Technologies, a move that highlights 3Com's increasing reliance on business partners and operations in Southeast Asia for technology development and product manufacturing.

  • Ebbers, WorldCom named in fraud charges

    Oklahoma Attorney General, W.A., Drew Edmondson has filed criminal fraud charges against WorldCom and six of its former executives, including former CEO and founder, Bernard Ebbers.