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Stories by Joel Mathis

  • In Pictures: Eight is enough?

    A number of this week's new and updated apps take advantage of new functionality in iOS 8. Plus, now you can make "Star Wars" movies on your iPhone. Cool, huh?

  • Tim Cook: Apple by the numbers

    Apple CEO, Tim Cook, came to the media event armed with numbers - a lot of them - to demonstrate his company's continued dominance. The biggest number? In the month since its release, iOS 6 has been downloaded to more than 200 million devices.

  • The iPad goes back to school

    When Dr. Martin Ringle introduced the then-new iPad to Oregon's Reed College in the fall of 2010, he was more than a little cautious. After all, he had seen educational-technology trends come and go--he even had an old Apple Newton gathering dust in a drawer somewhere."

  • The Week in iOS Apps: Nom, nom, nom

    This week's roundup of iOS apps is full of old favorites: Cookie Monster gets an app of his own, the creator of Angry Birds returns with Amazing Alex, and the popular Tiny Wings gets an update.

  • Wunderkit for iPhone

    Wunderkit helps you work. That’s what a productivity app should do, of course, but some unnecessarily bog you down in details. In contrast, Wunderkit—a free iPhone offering from 6 Wunderkinder—makes it easy to create projects and schedule tasks. And it’s better than many competing apps at recognizing the realities of the workplace.

  • iPhone drives first-quarter wireless growth for carriers

    The iPhone has become a big business for Apple, with the company selling more than 35 million phones and taking in $22.69 billion in iPhone revenue over the last three months. But it's also bringing in new customers for the wireless carriers that have partnered with Apple to offer the iPhone.

  • Businesses get special service at Apple Stores

    It wasn’t so long ago that, when Ted Ellis needed to get one of his company’s Mac laptops fixed, he’d have to make an appointment at a nearby Apple Store’s Genius Bar, just like anyone else. Being a business customer didn’t get him any kind of special service.