Stories by Ellen Messmer

  • All-in-one security devices face challenges

    The multipurpose security appliances that consolidate firewall/VPN, content filtering, intrusion prevention and more into a single box are winning favor as easy-to-manage devices. But the open secret about these unified threat management devices is that they take a bite out of bandwidth as they inspect content.

  • Symantec sees future in online protection services

    Though the technology may still be in the lab, Symantec says its plans for the future include the delivery of online protection services that prevent phishing and identity theft while also warning about spyware-infested Web sites.

  • McAfee unveils antispyware software, managed service

    McAfee Monday unveiled antispyware software for business desktops and servers to block and eliminate what McAfee calls "potentially unwanted programs," including adware, dialers, keyloggers, cookies and remote-control programs such as bots.

  • McAfee releases beta of Policy Enforcer

    McAfee Monday announced it is making available the beta version of its desktop-based policy enforcement software that can provide over 400 different security checks before allowing a LAN connection or remote VPN access.

  • Botnets turning into spyware enemy No. 1

    The security industry has had a hard time defining spyware, much less eliminating it. But according to many, there's one type of spyware that's among the most dangerous: the botnet.

  • Symantec hooks up security firm

    Symantec Thursday announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire start-up WholeSecurity, maker of behavior-based security and anti-phishing products. The value of the deal was not disclosed.

  • McAfee unveils security gateways

    McAfee this week unveiled a line of multi-purpose Internet security appliances intended for content filtering, taking its first step into gateway-based anti-spyware protection.

  • Questions surround smartphone security

    Wireless vendors are rolling out a new generation of handheld computers called smartphones for corporate users, but many network executives say they won't consider them until the means to manage and secure them are clear.

  • Secure Computing to acquire CyberGuard

    Secure Computing announced it had reached an agreement to acquire CyberGuard for approximately US$295 million in a cash and stock transaction, with the merger expected to be completed in the November timeframe following the regulatory approval process.

  • Furor over Cisco IOS router exploit erupts at Black Hat

    Although Cisco and Internet Security Systems had abruptly cancelled a planned technical talk and demo at the Black Hat Conference to reveal how unpatched Cisco routers can be remotely compromised, the researcher who had originally uncovered the problem went ahead with the talk anyway, igniting a spate of lawsuits against himself and the Black Hat Conference.

  • Are firewalls expendable?

    The firewall's fate is up for debate. For more than a decade, firewalls have stood guard at the perimeter of corporate networks to defend against Internet perils. But a growing number of security managers, united under the banner of the Jericho Forum, want to retire this stalwart because they say it hinders e-commerce.