Stories by Ellen Messmer

  • Symantec, Veritas shareholders approve merger

    Symantec and Veritas have announced their respective shareholders have approved the merger of the two companies, with Symantec acquiring Veritas in an exchange of common stock for 1.1242 shares of Symantec common stock at the official closing.

  • Web filtering tools handle ever-larger jobs

    From the time the World Wide Web took off in the mid-90s, companies began looking for ways to filter out access to its more lurid displays, but IT managers who use filters today say they're good for much more than blocking access to porn.

  • McAfee acquires Wireless Security

    McAfee Thursday announced it has acquired startup Wireless Security for an undisclosed sum, with the intent of making managed wireless security services a McAfee offering in the future.

  • Trend Micro buys anti-spyware firm

    Trend Micro is to acquire privately held anti-spyware software provider InterMute - which makes consumer and enterprise SpySubtract products - for $US15 million.

  • Cisco launches IPS offensive

    Cisco Systems is to announce its presence as a player in the intrusion-prevention system market with five appliances and software that adds IPS capabilities to its switches, firewalls and routers.

  • McAfee upgrades security management software

    McAfee plans to ship an updated version of its antivirus management product, ePolicy Orchestrator, in two weeks that adds capabilities such as intrusion-prevention management and rogue-computer detection.

  • Trend Micro, Cisco to fight worms

    Cisco and Trend Micro plan to announce a partnership under which Cisco will improve its routers, switches and firewalls with Trend's worm-blocking technology.

  • Network Associates to sell Magic division to BMC

    Network Associates Monday announced it has agreed to sell the assets of its Magic help desk and management software division to BMC Software, which markets a line of enterprise management products, for US$47 million in cash.

  • Symantec: Blaster victims top 330,000 machines

    The Blaster worm - also known as MSBlast or LoveSAN - had hit at least 330,000 machines around the world as of lasy Thursday afternoon, according to Symantec, which has been tracking the spread of the worm since it first appeared last Monday.

  • Microsoft to buy Romanian antivirus company

    Microsoft has announced it is buying Bucharest, Romania-based antivirus software vendor GeCAD Software Srl for an undisclosed price, triggering speculation from analysts that Microsoft has its eye on competing directly in the antivirus market.

  • Secure Computing revamps firewall line

    Secure Computing plans to unveil a line of firewalls that combines the best features of two separate lines and at the high end doubles to one million the maximum number of simultaneous connections supported.