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Stories by Ellen Messmer

  • Flaw discovered in Symantec firewall

    A vulnerability has been discovered in Symantec firewall products that would let a knowledgeable attacker hijack any connection to Symantec's software-based or appliance-based firewalls, thereby potentially gaining unauthorised access to internal corporate resources.

  • Network Associates, ISS forge alliance

    Network Associates and Internet Security Systems have created an alliance to use each other's technologies and marketing power in what top executives from the two companies say is a three-year agreement with many details still being hammered out.

  • Sniffer tool helps spot wireless LAN intruders

    Network Associates' Sniffer Technologies division this week announced an update for its Sniffer Wireless analysis tool, adding a way to detect "rogue" devices that have joined a wireless LAN without permission.

  • Security flaw affects six flavours of Unix

    Internet Security Systems (ISS) on Monday warned of a serious vulnerability that could leave Unix systems from Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Silicon Graphics (SGI), Compaq and Caldera Systems open to attack.

  • US ATTACK: Internet holds up after terrorist attacks

    The terrorist attacks that leveled the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York and destroyed a section of the Pentagon have shocked a nation still counting the death toll. In the rush to contact family, friends or business associates in the aftermath of the terrorist events, people are finding phone lines jammed but the Internet a more reliable form of communications.

  • New virus tool: They call it Trinity

    Remember the distributed denial-of-service attack tools, like Tribal Flood Network and Trin00, that last February were used in mass attacks on Web sites owned by EBay, E*Trade, CNN and Yahoo? Security experts last week said an even more dangerous tool, called Trinity, has just been discovered.

  • Symantec's firewall

    Symantec has announced it will ship its first desktop firewall for business users, adding a range of network management and VPN features not found in the home PC version of the product.

  • Security flaw discovered in PGP

    European cryptographic researchers have uncovered a serious security flaw in both the Unix and Windows versions of Network Associates's PGP software 5.5 through 6.5.3.

  • PeopleSoft debuts Web-enabled ERP suite

    PeopleSoft last week announced a Web-enabled upgrade to its enterprise resource planning suite that will spare customers the chore of distributing proprietary client software to end users.

  • IBM, Nortel help fund B2B exchange

    IBM, Nortel Networks and several Japanese electronics manufacturers have launched a business-to-business online trading exchange to buy and sell computer components, electronics and telecom equipment.