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Stories by Joel Snyder

  • Terminology overload but great for end-users

    As one of the early SSL VPN vendors, Aventail brings heavy experience grounded in both its long-standing appliance product line as well as its years of operating a managed security service.

  • Extend perimeter defence to application layer

    I am the biggest defence-in-depth supporter there is, but deep defences don't obviate the need to protect the perimeter. This year, we are going to see a lot of action from security vendors trying to provide better and stronger defences at the border from the growing plagues of viruses, spyware, malware and phishing attacks.

  • Building the perfect SSL VPN

    After looking up, down, and around 11 SSL VPNs for three months, we created a list of the top features within each product to build the uber-SSL VPN. Think of it as fantasy football for extremely narrow-minded geeks.

  • Security device picks up wireless support

    Check Point's new VPN-1 Edge W touts wireless access support, better performance and a new print server, a combination that makes it a solid addition to the company's line of small security gateways. In this exclusive Clear Choice test, we focused on the features most attractive to enterprise network managers: wireless, VPN, QoS, high availability and management.

  • Is 802.1X authentication easy?

    Using the 802.1X protocol to secure wired and wireless networks is supposed to be easy. So we grabbed some hardware and servers from our test lab to see how hard it would be in the real world. The challenge: Could we set up 802.1X authentication in one hour or less?

  • PRO 1260 Enhanced offers flexibility

    Because the PRO 1260 runs an enhanced version of SonicOS software, each port on the firewall can be configured with its own security zone. You can set up an individual firewall for every system in the company's Internet DMZ. This keeps the DMZ from turning into a free-for-all if any one system sitting behind the firewall is cracked because inter-system traffic can be fully controlled.