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Stories by Andy Patrizio

  • If Office comes to Android, will anyone want it?

    The sleuths over at The Verge reported last week that Microsoft is looking for beta testers for the pre-release versions of Office for Android. Despite a slow holiday week, the news traveled pretty fast. If you have an Android tablet, you can sign up at the SharePoint website for recruiting testers.

  • Wzor's return brings Windows 9 rumors

    Russian Microsoft leaker Wzor has resurfaced three months after going into hiding with new information on Windows 8.1 Update 2, as well as details on new security measures at Microsoft and Windows 9.

  • Microsoft's Cortana may be headed to world domination

    What started out as a Windows Phone feature is about to become ubiquitous, and possibly Microsoft's biggest innovation in a while. Cortana, the voice assistant similar to iOS's Siri, is headed to your desktop and possibly other smartphones.