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Stories by Mark Gibbs

  • Chrome experiments: A foundation for future browser apps

    The battle for dominance between the major browsers continues on desktop, pad, and mobile platforms and, according to [Net Applications' Net Market Share, as of October all versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer combined had just over 54 per cent of the desktop market having gained about 2.2 per cent since December, 2011. Firefox, over the same period, lost 1.84 per cent (currently at just under 20%) while the other big contender, Google's Chrome, currently stands at just less than 19 per cent having lost 0.56 per cent in the same 10-month period.

  • What do 100% of mobile users want? No fails!

    The rush to make everything mobile has generated new ways to do business, new ways to organize ourselves and new ways to communicate, but mobile apps aren't your father's mainframe, desktop or laptop applications.

  • PhoneGap fills the smartphone development gap

    Mobile apps are all the rage these days, but to get one built for your organization can be a daunting financial prospect. Should you decide to go to a bespoke shop to have your dream iOS or Android app coded you would be looking at a seriously large price tag.

  • Cold Fusion a year later

    A year ago Gibbs wrote about a cold fusion power system that could change the world ... but so far, we've seen nothing useful ...

  • Easy Web apps with Alpha Five

    There's a problem a lot of business units run into when it comes to automating a business process: They know a custom application could make them more profitable and or more efficient, and they know Web deployment is the way to go, but there frequently isn't an off-the-shelf application that can do what they want.

  • Leading your users to (partial) literacy

    Alas, it might not be possible to say the same about the rest of your organization, and if there's one thing that will sink your company in these harsh economic times, it is an inability to communicate. For any organization trying to get ahead in a competitive market, having staff with spelling, writing, and for that matter, speaking problems, is a huge problem.

  • 5 examples of "really good stuff"

    In the quest to keep you, dear reader, entertained and informed I undertake extensive research to find what's hot, interesting and useful. This means that I spend a lot of time looking at "stuff" of which only a small fraction of the "really good stuff" gets published.

  • An iPad stand, a WiFi access point, and a honeypot

    I've checked out many iPad stands over the last few months and I just found what I think is one of the very best: The Uprise 360 produced by Hub Innovations. This is a dead simple design which your iPad (version 2 or 3) snaps into and you can rotate it to portrait or landscape as required. It's easy to remove the iPad when you need to and that's it ... as I said, it's dead simple and does the job. For $39.95 the Uprise 360 produced by Hub Innovations Uprise 360 gets a Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5.