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Stories by Stephen Lawson

  • BIOS maker to unveil "bunker environment" for PCs

    Phoenix Technologies, the maker of BIOS (basic input/output system) software for most of the world's PCs, plans to unveil next month a software environment for PCs and other devices that creates a "bunker" in which critical utilities can be stored.

  • WorldCom, SEC agree to settlement

    Bankrupt telecommunications carrier WorldCom has entered into a settlement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) civil lawsuit over its accounting practices, agreeing to a permanent injunction.

  • New flavour of WLAN starts to emerge

    A slew of networking vendors are expected to soon release pre-standard versions of IEEE 802.11g wireless LAN products, which are designed to deliver as much as 54Mbps (bits per second) of bandwidth using the same radio spectrum used by current 11Mbps gear.

  • Cisco to buy security software maker

    Cisco Systems plans to make its intrusion detection technology more efficient with the addition of software from privately held Psionic Software, which the networking giant said it has agreed to acquire for as much as $US12 million in stock.

  • IEEE weighs WLAN enhancements

    An alphabet soup of new specifications is in the works in the IEEE 802.11 Working Group, the body in charge of the popular set of wireless LAN standards generally marketed under the name WiFi. In the end the new capabilities should make the technology easier to use, a working group executive said last week.

  • Cisco reveals VPN security holes

    Cisco Systems has warned users of vulnerabilities in some of its VPN (virtual private network) products that could make it easier for hackers to get into secured networks or carry out DOS (denial of service) attacks.

  • Geac agrees to acquire Extensity

    Geac Computer has agreed to acquire Extensity in a deal that will bring together two vendors of enterprise management software, the companies said in a statement on Monday.

  • Intel violating injunction, 3Com says

    3Com has told a US federal court that Intel and its Xircom subsidiary were violating a preliminary injunction against the US sale of products involved in a patent dispute between the companies.

  • WorldCom summary

    This week's admission by WorldCom that it improperly booked almost $US4 billion of expenses in 2001 and the first quarter of 2002 may be the ghost of the 1990s telecom boom that finally forces a major US government crackdown on accounting practices.