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Stories by Kathleen Lau

  • Are Microsoft's open-source actions enough?

    While Microsoft realizes there is greater benefit to collaborating with the open source community from an interoperability perspective, it may prove difficult to change its pro-proprietary image, said an open source analyst.

  • These Macs mean business

    A group of companies that build products to ease the integration of Macs in the enterprise had been separately championing a heterogeneous IT environment where both Macs and Windows can co-exist. Combining those efforts into an umbrella organization seemed like a good idea.

  • Open Text appeals to lawyers with e-mail toolset

    Open Text will release an integrated e-mail management offering targeted at law firms that aims to help boost the productivity of lawyers with capabilities that take advantage of users' existing Outlook folders.

  • Mobilizing the process

    While wireless technology may have amply proven its worth with voice and e-mail communication platforms, organizations could do more to improve their business processes wirelessly, said a Rogers Wireless executive.

  • Google holds contest for developers

    If calculating the maximum height at which an egg won't break when dropped while sacrificing the least number of eggs sounds like a worthy challenge to a programmer, then this year's Google Code Jam may be of interest. "

  • The five biggest storage trends

    The explosive growth of data has made information storage management ever critical within the enterprise. But data growth aside, major issues and trends in storage technology are injecting added complexity to that storage strategy. Industry experts identify some of these influencing factors on the enterprise.

  • Lifecycle management answers you can live with

    According to Don Barry, associate partner in global business services in the supply chain operations and asset management solutions with IBM, the ideal time to start considering an asset management program is before the business and its IT infrastructure is even up and running. But the common scenario is corporations will look to asset management after they've encountered a problem running the infrastructure.

  • SOAs may spawn 'Business Process Experts'

    The emergence of services-oriented architecture (SOA) from traditional object-oriented programming means that system design now requires a different approach, and therefore a new combination of skills.

  • NetGear unveils NAS gear for SMBs

    NetGear's latest release of its centralized network storage technology for small and medium-sized businesses comes in a compact desktop form factor that the equipment manufacturer is calling an industry first.

  • Webfuser dev tool aimed at non-programmers

    The latest version of an Ottawa firm's hosted Web development platform lets non-developers build business applications in less time with what the company said would be minimal intervention from IT administrators.

  • BEA takes an SOA approach to e-commerce

    BEA Systems' latest version of its e-commerce tool takes a services-oriented architecture (SOA) approach to tackle challenges brought on by current e-commerce trends, said a company executive.

  • Adobe releases runtime code to Linux developers

    Adobe Systems announcement that it has made available the pre-release alpha version of its Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) to the Linux community will be "a huge benefit" to application developers, said one Canadian developer.