Stories by Paul Krill

  • PHP developers get Eclipse boost

    The Eclipse Foundation will make available Tuesday the 1.0 release of the <a href="">Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT)</a> project, featuring tools and frameworks to enhance developer productivity with the PHP scripting language

  • BEA touts Genesis project for next-gen apps

    BEA Systems is planning a dynamic application infrastructure codenamed "Project Genesis," for building next-generation business applications that incorporate technologies including mashups.

  • AJAX pioneer emphasizes user experiences

    The inventor of the term AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), urged attendees at The Rich Web Experience conference in San Jose on Friday to emphasize user experience when designing products.

  • Web, AJAX slammed for deficiencies

    The Web and AJAX have many deficiencies, including security holes, and much more needs to be done to iron out these problems, according to a keynote speaker at The Rich Web Experience conference in San Jose.

  • Rich Web technologies debated

    While the landscape for rich Web development technologies is getting crowded, industry dignitaries at The Rich Web Experience conference in San Jose Thursday nonetheless saw a place for the various entrants in this space.

  • Tibco adds to AJAX tool

    Tibco is shipping General Interface 3.5, an upgraded version of its AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) toolkit featuring performance and tooling enhancements.

  • Red Hat adds to system monitoring service

    Red Hat said this week it had spruced up its Red Hat Command Center server- and application-monitoring service, eliminating the need for users to maintain a Red Hat-prescribed hardware appliance to collect monitoring data.

  • Borland ALM survey finds heterogeneity

    Borland Software surveyed its own customers to get a snapshot of the ALM (application lifecycle management) market and found heterogeneity rules in application development.

  • Java Kernel plan proceeds

    Sun continues to work on the Java Kernel, the idea of which is to provide a subset of the Java Runtime Environment tuned to particular programs.

  • Google exec touts universal search model

    Google's recently introduced universal search model represents a major change for the company, a Google official said at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose last Thursday.

  • Gaia AJAX technology set for .Net developers

    Gaia Ajax Widgets, an alternative AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) library for developing ASP.Net and Mono applications, has been upgraded with re-factoring to make it easier to view and modify code.