Stories by Paul Krill

  • Adobe melds desktop, Web apps with AIR

    Bridging the gap between desktop and Web applications, Adobe Systems is set to ship Monday its AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) 1.0 technology for melding applications from both of these realms. Formerly known by its code name Apollo, the free technology already is being used in applications at places such as NASDAQ and AOL.

  • Microsoft readies Silverlight 2 beta

    Shedding new light on the company's Silverlight 2 browser plug-in technology, a Microsoft official wrote a blog post Friday morning that emphasized RIA (rich Internet application) development capabilities planned for an upcoming beta release.

  • Bungee offers hosted software development

    Boasting of a one-of-a-kind solution for the application development lifecycle, Bungee Labs is launching the public beta of Bungee Connect, an on-demand platform for Web application development and deployment.

  • Microsoft Office development platform ups and downs

    Attendees at the Microsoft 2008 Office System Developer Conference this week are leveraging development capabilities in Office System, but cite issues such as getting used to the new ribbon-based Fluent UI in the 2007 Office release.

  • SugarCRM eyes a public offering

    SugarCRM began in 2004 and offers its Sugar CRM package via a hybrid commercial-open source model and delivers it via onsite and on-demand modes. The company has amassed more than 3,000 customers in 30 countries, SugarCRM officials said. InfoWorld Editor at Large Paul Krill met with Clint Oram, SugarCRM co-founder and vice president of open source community relations, at the company's conference in California this week to talk about the company and where it is headed.

  • Tibco adds Eclipse, ESB to SOA platform

    Tibco Software is shipping its ActiveMatrix 2.0 platform Monday for managing SOA, featuring an Eclipse-based development environment and an enterprise service bus.

  • Sun's Schwartz cites MySQL's growth rate as incentive

    In deciding to buy MySQL last month, Sun was attracted to the open-source database company's very rapid growth rate and its revenue model, Sun President/CEO Jonathan Schwartz said in a keynote presentation Wednesday at SugarCRM's SugarCon 2008 conference in California.

  • JEOPARD spotted for leveraging multi-core chips

    Looking to get the most out of multi-core processors, a European-driven effort to build a framework for Java-based, real-time applications on modern multi-core chips and parallel processor systems is being announced Tuesday.