Stories by Paul Krill

  • Apache, Sun still in disHarmony

    The Apache Harmony project, serving as an Apache-branded open-source version of Java, is moving forward, but a disagreement remains with Sun over compliance testing.

  • BEA adds Eclipse to ESB in SOA move

    Emphasizing SOA, BEA Systems is unveiling upgrades to its enterprise service bus and legacy integration package on Wednesday, anchoring them to the Eclipse platform as a standard dashboard for controlling these products.

  • Coverity looks to thwart race conditions in apps

    Looking to prevent race conditions that can wreak havoc in software, Coverity is adding concurrency defect detection capabilities to its Coverity Prevent SQS (Software Quality System) static code analysis software for C, C++, and Java projects.

  • Microsoft forging dev tool, database links

    Microsoft has been working to link the upcoming SQL Server 2008 database to the company's software development platforms, with some glitches found along the way, according to two separate Microsoft blog posts.

  • Ruby on Rails 2.0 released for Web apps

    Version 2.0 of Ruby on Rails, the popular open source Web application development framework, was released this morning, said the developer of the framework, David Heinemeier Hansson, on Friday.

  • AJAX benefits, issues cited by Zimbra exec

    While AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) may have issues with security and performance, Zimbra still sees AJAX as the best way to deliver experiences on the Web and has based its open source Web 2.0 platform on 200,000 lines of JavaScript, a company executive said Monday.