Stories by Paul Krill

  • Microsoft ships Visual Studio 2008

    Microsoft has released to manufacturing its Visual Studio 2008 software development platform and the accompanying .Net Framework 3.5, meaning these technologies are now available for download on MSDN to subscribers, the company said Monday.

  • Nortel readies SOA and communications push

    Nortel will leverage Web services and SOA to enable integration of communications services into business applications with the company launching its Communications Enablement strategy Wednesday.

  • Eclipse gets seat on Java board

    In a first for the open-source tooling organization, the Eclipse Foundation has won a seat on a Java Community Process (JCP) executive committee.

  • Open-source Java could result in port to iPhone

    With the first anniversary of open-source Java coming up November 13, a Sun official believes the project could bear a sought-after fruit in the Java community: The porting of Java to the Apple iPhone.

  • Spring Framework upgrade date set

    Technologists building the Spring Framework for Java application development are mapping out improvements to the platform as well as determining which versions of Java will no longer be supported by upgrades to the framework.

  • Sun's open source strategy questioned

    Sun Microsystems' push to open source all of its software helped prompt one vice president, Larry Singer, to leave the company, Singer said at a conference in San Francisco on Tuesday afternoon.

  • Microsoft seeks more Web-hosting inroads

    Microsoft is positioning its upcoming Windows Server 2008 operating system as a bonanza that, for Web hosting companies, stacks up well against the rival Linux platform, Microsoft officials said.

  • Developers get multi-core CPU assistance

    RapidMind is has announced software intended to help developers leverage the power of newfangled multi-core processors based on popular x86 chips built by Intel and AMD.

  • .Net, JMS worlds bridged

    JNBridge will bridge the Microsoft .Net and Java Message Service (JMS) worlds this week with the release of adapters linking the two platforms.

  • Microsoft apps developers to get Vista relief

    Help is on the way for developers struggling with using the Visual Studio 2005 development platform with Windows Vista, a Microsoft official stressed at the Microsoft SOA and Business Process Conference here on Tuesday.