Stories by Paul Krill

  • IBM, Sun to extend developer platforms

    IBM, Rational Software and Sun Microsystems are preparing upgrades to their tools strategies, with IBM to offer testing tools and Sun looking to build a compute grid to serve Java developers.

  • Java staving off .Net, Spring founder says

    J2EE technology is in a very healthy state, staving off the rival .Net platform and fostering innovation, said Rod Johnson, founder of the open source Spring Framework for Java development, in a presentation on Friday

  • BEA touts Eclipse participation

    BEA Systems has fleshed out plans to participate in the Eclipse Foundation for open source development tools, citing intentions to base its integrated development environment (IDE) around Eclipse and make several contributions.

  • Borland readies customised ALM suites

    Borland Software will introduce software suites customised to specific roles in application lifecycle management (ALM), as part of the company's Software Delivery Optimisation (SDO) strategy.

  • Gates: Future Office to boast workflow

    Microsoft's next major version of the Office applications suite will feature built-in workflow capabilities, according to company chairman and chief software architect, Bill Gates.

  • Gates: Open source, interoperability not synonymous

    Microsoft chairman and chief software architect, Bill Gates, has sent an email to customers emphasising the company's commitment to being interoperable and stressing that open source and interoperability are not necessarily one and the same.

  • Open source panelists tout business models, pan patents

    Dignitaries from the open source and venture capital communities serving on a panel Tuesday evening tossed around perspectives on building a business in open source, but essentially were in agreement about the potential negative effects of patents on open source projects.

  • IBM offers developers modeling transition tool

    Looking to enable transitions between application modeling platforms, IBM this week is making available the IBM Model Transformation Framework (MTF) on its alphaWorks site for previewing technologies.

  • Former Sun, BEA executives forge grid venture

    Former executives from companies such as Sun Microsystems, BEA Systems, and Oracle this week are formally launching a venture called Cassatt, which is endeavoring to automate IT operations, leverage commodity hardware and software, and govern network compute cycles in a grid-like manner.

  • Oracle to tout BI, content management

    Oracle at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco this week plans to focus on its "Data Hub" technology for business intelligence, content management for the masses, grid computing, and integration, according to a company offical.

  • Microsoft, Sun to talk about cooperation

    Microsoft and Sun Microsystems on December 1 will deliver a joint update on their collaborations pursuant to an April 2004 technology-sharing agreement to boost interoperability between the two vendors' products, according to a Microsoft representative on Wednesday.