Stories by Paul Krill

  • Tibco adds to AJAX tool

    Tibco is shipping General Interface 3.5, an upgraded version of its AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) toolkit featuring performance and tooling enhancements.

  • Red Hat adds to system monitoring service

    Red Hat said this week it had spruced up its Red Hat Command Center server- and application-monitoring service, eliminating the need for users to maintain a Red Hat-prescribed hardware appliance to collect monitoring data.

  • Borland ALM survey finds heterogeneity

    Borland Software surveyed its own customers to get a snapshot of the ALM (application lifecycle management) market and found heterogeneity rules in application development.

  • Java Kernel plan proceeds

    Sun continues to work on the Java Kernel, the idea of which is to provide a subset of the Java Runtime Environment tuned to particular programs.

  • Google exec touts universal search model

    Google's recently introduced universal search model represents a major change for the company, a Google official said at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose last Thursday.

  • Gaia AJAX technology set for .Net developers

    Gaia Ajax Widgets, an alternative AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) library for developing ASP.Net and Mono applications, has been upgraded with re-factoring to make it easier to view and modify code.

  • AMD proposes CPU extensions for multi-core apps

    Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is announcing plans to extend its CPU instruction set to make it easier for software developers to exploit the power of multi-core processors when building applications.

  • LINUXWORLD - Linux seen vying with Windows for dominance

    Having gained industry-wide recognition, Linux now is moving into its second stage of growth, in which it vies with Microsoft Windows as a dominant computing platform, Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, said Wednesday.

  • Adobe ColdFusion links to AIR

    Adobe is now shipping the ColdFusion 8 application development platform, offering faster performance and basic linkages to Adobe's AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) technology.

  • Sun adds compiler to JavaFX platform

    Sun Microsystems has been quiet about its JavaFX technology for building graphical applications since introducing it in May, but on Friday the company added a compiler to the platform.