Stories by Paul Krill

  • Apache chairman: Days numbered for commercial software

    The days of selling software through the traditional commercial model are numbered, as open source is becoming the paradigm of choice, said Greg Stein, chairman of the Apache Software Foundation, at the EclipseCon 2006 conference on Wednesday.

  • IBM lauds voice apps API

    IBM will announce on Friday open source software intended to improve the lot of Web developers building voice-enabled applications.

  • Sun set to release Mustang Java beta

    Sun Microsystems on Wednesday is releasing a beta version of the next desktop version of Java, codenamed Project Mustang and officially known as Java Platform Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6).

  • Oracle cites Eclipse as competitor with new dev tool

    Oracle, with the newly shipping version of its free JDeveloper Java development tool, is looking to compete with the Eclipse open source juggernaut. The company is shipping an upgrade to its application server, bundled with a rules engine and an ESB (enterprise service bus).

  • Complexity stifles Web services

    Although deployments are occurring, a morass of complexity and a long, head-spinning list of proposed standards continues to hobble Web services technology, according to participants at an SDForum interoperability event.

  • Oracle, Sun chiefs take the stage together

    If there was one key message at a public summit meeting of sorts between the chief executives of Sun Microsystems and Oracle on Tuesday, it was that the companies have been and will continue to be partners.

  • Microsoft changes anti-spyware name in Vista OS preview

    Microsoft's December Community Technology Preview (CTP) for the Windows Vista client OS features a renamed version of the company's anti-spyware software. Announced on Monday, the December CTP, known as build 5270, will reach about 500,000 people through avenues such as the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and TechNet, according to the company.