Stories by Paul Krill

  • BEA touts industry-specific solutions initiative

    BEA Systems is rolling out its BEA Enterprise Solutions program, featuring the company's Solution Frameworks initiative to link BEA WebLogic Platform with partners' products for deployment of SOAs (service-oriented architectures).

  • Java integration spec pushed

    Sun Microsystems and several other vendors on Wednesday released an early draft of a specification intended to ease integration of Java-based systems, but IBM and BEA Systems have dropped out of participation in the effort.

  • Microsoft focuses on apps modeling

    Microsoft is looking to extend visual modeling of applications in its Visual Studio 2005 platform, with an early release of technology to enable developers to author industry-specific modeling tools.

  • Microsoft ponders licensing for app virtualization

    Noting two evolving areas of software licensing, Microsoft is pondering how to license when multiple instances of an application are run on a single computer, but is not eyeing a plan for utility-based computing, in which charges are based on individual usage.

  • Cognos reassigns new exec after indictment

    Cognos has announced that Andrew Cahill, who was a senior vice-president at the company, has been reassigned to other duties after being indicted by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in connection with activities at his previous employer.

  • Gates undaunted by Linux

    Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates, during an appearance on Friday at the US Computer History Museum, expressed no fear of Linux usurping Windows in the software industry.

  • Sun upgrades J2SE platform

    Application developers are getting a raft of new options this week with Sun Microsystems updating J2SE, Borland Software upping its CORBA ante, and Compuware (Profile, Products, Articles) detailing products that will work with Microsoft's (Profile, Products, Articles) Visual Studio 2005 toolbox.

  • Microsoft readies application lifecycle management beta

    Microsoft is refreshing the beta release of its Visual Studio 2005 developer tool platform to feature the full range of technologies planned for the company's Team System application life cycle management system, Microsoft representatives acknowledged on Friday.

  • Macromedia launches Flex Builder

    Macromedia will ship Flex Builder this week, which is designed to provide an interactive development environment for the company's Flex presentation server.

  • IBM pursues software installation standard

    IBM has unveiled technology intended to reduce complexity in software installation and packaging and has submitted it to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for consideration as an industry standard.

  • IBM Rational focuses on software quality

    IBM Rational will announce plans to standardize its suite of automated software quality tools on the Hyades open source platform and is unveiling concurrently a software quality campaign dubbed "Continuously Ensure Quality," or CEQ.