Stories by Paul Krill

  • Microsoft readies application lifecycle management beta

    Microsoft is refreshing the beta release of its Visual Studio 2005 developer tool platform to feature the full range of technologies planned for the company's Team System application life cycle management system, Microsoft representatives acknowledged on Friday.

  • Macromedia launches Flex Builder

    Macromedia will ship Flex Builder this week, which is designed to provide an interactive development environment for the company's Flex presentation server.

  • IBM pursues software installation standard

    IBM has unveiled technology intended to reduce complexity in software installation and packaging and has submitted it to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for consideration as an industry standard.

  • IBM Rational focuses on software quality

    IBM Rational will announce plans to standardize its suite of automated software quality tools on the Hyades open source platform and is unveiling concurrently a software quality campaign dubbed "Continuously Ensure Quality," or CEQ.

  • Open source Java debate rages

    Should Java be available under an open source format? The debate is raging this week at the 2004 JavaOne conference in San Francisco.

  • Sun's McNealy chides Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat

    Sun Microsystems Chairman and CEO, Scott McNealy, has extended an open invitation to Microsoft and Linux OS vendor Red Hat to join the Java Community Process (JCP), and also stressed that Sun, which has struggled financially lately, is not going away.

  • Macromedia offering Flash Player 7 for Linux

    Macromedia has announced the availability of Flash Player 7 for Linux, a version of the company's rich Internet client that is bundled with Linux operating systems from several vendors and boasts SOAP support.

  • SQL Server getting security boosts

    Microsoft at its Tech Ed conference in San Diego on Tuesday will tout plans to add data encryption to its SQL Server database and seek federal government security certification for the platform as well.

  • Sun: Door still open on open source Java

    While acknowledging obstacles remain, a Sun Microsystems official on Tuesday left open the possibility that Sun might offer its Java programming language under an open source format.

  • Open source said on cusp of broad acceptance

    Open source software, in which developers get access to source code, still is not being used by the masses but is on the cusp of a much broader acceptance, said Brian Behlendorf, founder of Apache, during a speech at a Software Development Forum conference in Burlingame, California on Thursday.