Stories by Paul Krill

  • Sun, JBoss forge Java agreement

    Sun Microsystems, in officially announcing approval of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition J2EE 1.4 specification on Tuesday, also provided JBoss Group LLC, which has been at odds with Sun, with an opportunity to join the J2EE-compatible community. The Apache Software Foundation also will seek J2EE certification for its Apache Geronimo application server project.

  • Borland's Kylix in limbo

    Borland Software's Kylix development software remains in limbo, with no new release having been issued for a year and the company not saying whether there will be an upgrade.

  • OASIS adds ebXML business process committee

    OASIS has formed an ebXML Business Process Technical Committee to further define the e-business XML Business Process Specification Schema (ebXML BPSS) model for business collaborations within and between enterprises.

  • ComponentOne boosts Microsoft apps on mobile devices

    Boosting development of Microsoft applications for mobile devices, ComponentOne has announced availability of the Q4 2003 version of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, which supports the Microsoft .Net Compact Framework.

  • Sun, Siebel strengthen ties

    Siebel and Sun are forging a software development partnership with a goal of boosting performance of Siebel CRM applications running on Sun's Solaris operating system and Sun ONE middleware stack.

  • Novell hails Linux, criticises SCO

    Novell officials at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo have hailed their company's commitment to Linux and criticised The SCO Group for its attempts to extract licensing fees for use of the open source platform.

  • Open source code quality endorsed

    Code in the Apache open source Web server Version 2.1 is on par with that found in commercial equivalents, according to a study by Reasoning, which provides code inspection services.

  • XML querying proposed as Java standard

    Oracle and IBM plan to announce a Java Specification Request (JSR) to define a Java API for invocations of queries written in the W3C standard XML query language, XQuery, according to an Oracle representative.