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Stories by Jon Brodkin

  • OpenSUSE gets more open

    Novell's OpenSuse project is becoming more open, as a new release due out Thursday includes licensing changes that make it easier to redistribute the Linux operating system, and a build service that will encourage more contributions from open source developers.

  • Private clouds showing up on IT's agenda

    Enterprise IT shops are starting to embrace the notion of building private clouds, modeling their infrastructure after public service providers such as Amazon and Google. But while virtualization and other technologies exist to create computing pools that can allocate processing power, storage and applications on demand, the technology to manage those distributed resources as a whole is still in the early stages.

  • Forrester slashes IT spending forecast as recession deepens

    The economic downturn has led to a sharp reduction in forecasts of IT spending. Forrester Research, after predicting 6.1 percent growth in US purchases of IT goods and services as recently as August, now says that spending growth in 2009 will be just 1.6 percent.

  • Elastic IT resources transform data centers

    The enterprise data center of the future will be a highly flexible and adaptable organism, responding quickly to changing needs because of technologies like virtualization, a modular building approach, and an operating system that treats distributed resources as a single computing pool.

  • Gartner's Top 10 disruptive data-center technologies

    A new computing fabric to replace today's blade servers and a "pod" approach to building data centers are two of the most disruptive technologies that will affect the enterprise data center in the next few years, Gartner said at its annual data center conference Wednesday.

  • New HP division makes data centers green

    Bill Kosik knows a thing or two about building efficient data centers. As managing principal of consultancy EYP Mission Critical Facilities in Chicago, Kosik helped HP plan its global project to consolidate 85 data centers into just six.

  • IBM predicts talking Web, solar-powered mobile phones, more

    A talking Web, solar technology embedded in windows and mobile phones, and the end of forgetting will all come in the next five years, IBM predicts in its third annual Next Five in Five list, detailing innovations that could change our lives in the next half-decade.