Stories by Jon Brodkin

  • Gartner: 7 'grand challenges' face IT in next 25 years

    Gartner has identified seven technologies that will "completely transform" business over the next 25 years, including parallel programming, wireless power sources for mobile devices, automated speech translation, and computing interfaces that detect human gestures.

  • High-performance servers created for midsize companies

    An innovative virtualization vendor called ScaleMP is attempting to bring high-performance computing to midsize companies with a model that is essentially the opposite of VMware's: Instead of carving an x86 server into numerous partitions, ScaleMP aggregates multiple x86 machines and turns them into one powerful computer.

  • Citrix, HP team up on virtualization-enabled servers

    Citrix Systems has embedded its XenServer hypervisor into HP's ProLiant servers, accelerating a trend in which virtualization software increasingly is becoming just another part of the hardware, the company said last week.

  • Web 2.0 at its peak? Venture investments hit US$1.34 billion

    US investments in Web 2.0 companies reached an all-time high of US$1.34 billion in 2007, almost double the previous year's total. But one company -- Facebook -- accounted for a full 22 per cent of that windfall, and the total number of investments seems to be leveling off after several years of meteoric growth, Dow Jones VentureSource said in research issued Tuesday.

  • VMware vs. everyone

    VMware is synonymous with x86 server virtualization. It's the unquestioned market share leader with more than half or as many as 80 per cent of customers using its hypervisor, depending on who's counting.

  • HP unveils eight-socket, quad-core server

    HP is releasing an eight-socket x86 server using quad-core AMD Opteron processors, which it says is ideal for large virtualization and consolidation projects that can take advantage of extra cores and greater processing power and memory.

  • VMware fixes security bugs

    VMware has identified and fixed seven security bugs in the free version of its hypervisor, which could let hackers launch denial-of-service, change user privileges and forge RSA key signatures.

  • Neterion: Adapters fix hypervisor performance problems

    Neterion has built new 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters with support for emerging I/O virtualization standards that aim to improve the performance of applications running on virtual servers. The adapters also provide the isolation necessary to reboot one virtual machine without affecting the other virtual machines on a physical server.