Stories by Jon Brodkin

  • VMware to unveil major partnerships

    VMware has formed partnerships with Symantec, IBM and other major security vendors to boost protection of computers running on its virtualization software, Reuters reported this week.

  • Start-up builds solid-state flash drives for enterprise

    Start-up Pliant Technology is building solid state flash drives for enterprises, joining an emerging market that EMC has dubbed "tier zero" and is designed for high-performance applications such as data mining and online transaction processing.

  • Unisys gives virtualization jolt to its data center strategy

    Beset by financial problems, Unisys announced a strategy that shifts its servers and storage business from a hardware-centric tack to a more holistic approach emphasizing a combination of hardware, software and services, including virtualization offerings.

  • E-mail discovery saves construction firm money

    When your company is involved in nine or 10 lawsuits a year, the lack of an effective e-mail discovery system can easily cost you thousands of dollars, John Buraczyk says, from personal experience.

  • Exec: IBM-Google partnership merges top features

    IBM and Google might seem like polar opposites in the world of technology, yet the companies have a budding partnership over cloud computing that seeks to combine the best features of business computing with the Internet. Steve Mills, the senior vice president and group executive for IBM's software business since July 2000, explained the goals of the IBM-Google relationship to Network World Senior Writer Jon Brodkin in an interview this week at IBM's New York City offices. Mills also discussed new opportunities in China, software-as-a-service's impact on the IT market, and the pros and cons of IBM's diversified software portfolio.

  • Dell ships first fruit of EqualLogic buy

    Dell announced global delivery of the first products resulting from its acquisition of EqualLogic Monday, with the release of Dell EqualLogic PS5000 Series storage-area network arrays.

  • Microsoft/Yahoo merger won't dethrone Google

    A Microsoft/Yahoo merger would pose some new challenges for Google, but it'll take more than Microsoft's proposed US$44.6 billion acquisition of Yahoo to knock the king of search off its throne.