Stories by Jon Brodkin

  • Financially motivated malware thrives

    Financially motivated malware attacks are on the rise, with automated software packages making it easy for unskilled hackers to earn a living by sending out spam, researchers at messaging security vendor Secure Computing say.

  • Could deploying Google Apps be a career-limiting move?

    Deploying Google Apps could be a "career-limiting move for enterprise architects" if they expect too much from the software-as-a-service collaboration suite and its "rudimentary" feature set, the Burton Group research and consulting firm says in a new report.

  • Panelists: Moore's Law meltdown fueling efficiency

    It's a popular theory that energy inefficiency in data centers is causing an economic meltdown of Moore's Law. The dramatic increase in computational performance of processors and servers is not being matched by a corresponding rise in energy efficiency, Bruce Taylor of the Uptime Institute consulting group said Tuesday.

  • IBM buyout targets data governance

    IBM Friday announced that it has acquired Princeton Softech, a maker of data archiving, classification and discovery products, to bolster its own data management offerings. Financial terms weren't disclosed.

  • CA accuses Rocket Software of stealing source code

    CA has accused Rocket Software of stealing source code and other intellectual property to build database administration tools that closely resemble CA's, and is asking a federal judge for more than US$200 million in damages.

  • Issues you need to know about software-as-a-service

    Software-as-a-service is just about the most-discussed topic in software these days. It'll probably save you money and lead to faster implementation, but it's not always a no-brainer. Here are 12 things to think about before choosing a software-as-a-service application.

  • Oracle promises space savings in latest database

    Oracle released a major upgrade of its database management system for grid computing Wednesday, promising customers hundreds of new features including the ability to patch without taking systems offline, simplified application testing, and several green upgrades, such as compression of data, to make it three times smaller.

  • Cisco co-founder launching optical network startup

    Cisco co-founder Len Bosack is launching a company that claims it will bring "fundamental change to worldwide telecommunications" with an optical transport system allowing IT departments to easily and quickly deploy in-house metropolitan optical networks that make efficient use of space and power.

  • Microsoft, IBM feel heat from Google Apps

    Microsoft and IBM executives Wednesday admitted feeling heat from Google now that the Web search giant is trying to make inroads into the enterprise market with its hosted suite of communication and collaboration tools.