Stories by Mike Gee

  • ARN Online gives you Apps

    As the smartphone and tablet revolution sweeps the world and businesses embrace both into their operating systems, there is no doubt the way we operate, do business and share or access information is chnaging rapidly. A significant player in revolution is the app.

  • Wise counsel guides NBN Co and local government

    The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) and NBN Co have produced a guide to help councils prepare for the rollout of the NBN and maximise the benefits of their early dealings with NBN Co.

  • IN PICTURES: Vivid 2011 - lighting up Sydney

    It's about 3D projection, light, colour, multimedia and technology. It's Vivid Sydney 2011. First Brian Eno, then Laurie Anderson took on the task of turning the Sydney Opera House into Australia's largest canvas. For the Vivid Sydney Festival in 2011, curator Stephen Pavlovic selected French team, Superbien, which pushed the concept further than before. Superbien named its creation La Macula, a projected digital artwork which takes the sails of the Sydney Opera House on a swirling psychedelic journey. The artwork also includes a specially commissioned soundscape, which could be listened to at Circular Quay by tuning in to 90.9FM or through the Vivid Live iPhone App. And if that wasn't enough there were also more than 40 light art installations from local and international artists. Vivid ends June 13. This riot of colour was captured by ARN Managing Editor, Mike Gee.

  • IN PICTURES: The gizmos of Computex 2011

    You can find all manner of gizmos on the Computex Show floor in Taipei, some novel and highly useful and other are gimmicky and utterly useless. here are a few that caught our eye, passed on without judgment. Which ones would you spring for?

  • IN PICTURES: CeBIT 2011 Opening Ceremony

    CeBIT 2011 was formally launched at the Sydney Opera House on Tuesday, May 31, with an evening opening ceremony. German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr Guido Westerwelle, delivered the keynote address on behalf of our CeBIT Australia's partner country, Germany. Other speakers were: Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kevin Rudd; Lord Mayor of Hannover, Stephan Weil; NSW Deputy Premier, Andrew Stoner. The ceremony was followed by a cocktail reception.

  • IN PICTURES: CeBIT 2011, Day 1 - Trade show

    While there were packed halls and rooms on the opening day for many of the sessions at CeBIT 2011, the trade show - which seems vast this year - was just beginning to warm up with plenty of wares on display.