Stories by Mike Gee

  • ACCC alleges provider sold mobile contracts in areas without network coverage

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is taking action against mobile services provider, EDirect Pty Ltd, for allegedly, via telemarketing, entering into mobile phone contracts with customers who provided addresses in areas in which EDirect couldn’t supply its services due to lack of mobile coverage.

  • ARN gets you on the Cloud

    Cloud computing - it's inescapable. Everybody wants to either get on the Cloud, offer a Cloud solution, embrace the Cloud or question the Cloud. HP, Microsoft, Cisco, you name the IT giant, it's offering the Cloud.

  • yARN: NBN becomes a game that must be won, at all costs

    As the 2010 election entered the last days of campaigning it became more and more apparent that the National Broadband Network (NBN) had, quite remarkably, become a key issue in a lead-up that veered close to being one of the more boring in recent history.

  • ELECTION 2010: It's a hung Parliament

    Australia faces a period of political instability after voters turned on the Gillard government but the fall of seats meant neither major party had a majority and independents will have the balance of power in the house.

  • Avnet acquires itX for $77.5 million

    Avnet Technology Solutions (Australia) will acquire value-added distributor of software, hardware and services, itX Group Limited (itX), in an all cash merger valued at $77.5 million through a scheme of arrangement under Australian law. The deal doubles Avnet's presence in Australia.

  • YARN: NBN a pipeline to political parsimony

    In science, parsimony is preference for the least complex explanation for an observation. Applied to the current election campaign, the NBN, filter and tech, it probably is as simple as: Abbott is incredibly ignorant; Smith is faking it, badly; Robb is faking it, better; Conroy acts, and acts, and acts; Gillard is probably less ignorant than Abbott, but only slightly; Quigley has knowledge - but would you trust him?.

  • yARN: No Bloody Nonsense (NBN)? - No sir, not all

    We've run one commentary in the past week in which senior political commentators, Antony Green, and Nick Economou, declared the majority of Australians don't care about the much-debated and - so-we-thought - hated Internet filter.