Stories by John Brandon

  • Volkswagen EOS Komfort convertible takes off its top

    You wouldn't buy a convertible unless you liked to show off, and in the case of the 2014 Volkswagen EOS Komfort, there's even an app for that. Volkswagen is rolling out its new Car-Net service on select 2014 models, including the EOS Komfort, with a focus on providing safety, remote access, family tracking, and diagnostics information. This information is nothing different or revolutionary compared to what you'll find on competing vendors' cars. But this is VW's first shot at it, and to the company's credit, the subscription prices (after a six-month free trial) are reasonable.

  • 7 CES announcements IT pros need to know about

    Despite its name, the annual Consumer Electronics Show isn't wholly consumer tech. These seven announcements--covering data analytics, collaboration, RAM and more--may impact the systems and devices your employees use in 2013.

  • 7 most important tech trends Of 2012

    Technology trends can come and go with little more than a (Google) Wave, but seven trends of 2012 are here to stay. Some came out of nowhere, while others emerged after years of development.

  • 8 IT lessons learned from the 2012 Summer Olympics

    The 2012 London Olympics weren't just about athletic prowess. This year's games saw more data leave Olympic Park and move around the world than ever before. The applications, infrastructure and technical know-how required to pull this off offers valuable lessons for CIOs as they plan IT projects.

  • Urban tech: From Masdar to Main Street?

    Self-driving electric taxis, smart appliances and municipal solar power are all amenities enjoyed by the residents of the futuristic Masdar City in the Middle East. Here's how they'll make their way to the U.S.

  • In pictures: Mondo datacentres

    Think you have to manage a lot of IT gear? These massive facilities - each at least 100,000 square feet and most much larger than that -- house thousands of servers and process millions of documents, images and videos every day.

  • 10 predictions for what the CIO Role will look like in 2020

    At the same time, we also know that technology will change dramatically. Who could have predicted even 10 years ago that the CIO would have to deal with complications such as cloud security and virtualisation? To find out how the role will change in eight years, we tapped industry leaders, analysts and CIOs themselves to discover what the challenges of 2020 for the CIO will be like. Here's what we found out.

  • Help for the Help Desk

    A help desk can be a real lifesaver for employees, not to mention a productivity boost. If a keyboard stops working or Outlook keeps crashing, a technician is just a phone call away. Even complex problems can usually be resolved internally, and relatively quickly, without the need for an outside vendor.