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Stories by Ephraim Schwartz

  • REALITY CHECK: Software hosting is causing tremors

    IBM’s OnDemand e-business hosting initiative is picking up steam. Case in point: Siebel Systems’ partnership with Big Blue to sell CRM OnDemand and Siebel’s purchase of UpShot Corp., a hosted CRM competitor of

  • Linux emerges as mobile phone dark horse

    Thanks to its stature in the enterprise server arena, Linux has emerged as the operating system (OS) dark horse in the race to gain market share on mobile phones. A small set of vendors is backing open source to challenge mobile phone OS rivals Microsoft, Palmsource and Symbian.

  • REALITY CHECK: Pay to be seen

    Slowly but very surely, companies that use the Internet as their primary source of business or rely on it to make a profit are finding ways to make their dot-com endeavours pay for themselves.

  • REALITY CHECK: Public Wi-Fi in a death spiral

    SBC Communications, a major US carrier and majority owner of Cingular Wireless, is jumping into the Wi-Fi “we will have 20,000 hot spots” game, along with Cometa Networks, which also promises 20,000 hot spots. SBC calls it FreedomLink.

  • SSA acquires Baan

    Consolidation in the enterprise application space appears to be picking up a full head of steam as SSA Global Technologies has announced that it will acquire Baan, a 25-year-old ERP company.

  • Rumours abound as Macworld NY opens

    It wouldn't be a Macworld without the rumors that inevitably swirl around what announcements Apple Computer CEO, Steve Jobs, has cooked up for the show. This year, when the Macworld Creative Pro conference opens its doors in New York today, it will be no different.

  • Wireless strategies: Making the right move

    Vendors are re-aligning their business strategies to establish their places in the wireless world — and they’re whipping up a maelstrom of wireless hype in the process. But as Ephraim Schwartz discovers, wireless punters could be waiting a while for this horse to find its legs.

  • WIRELESS WORLD: Handhelds drop off

    The headline says it all: “Worldwide PDA market declined 9.1 per cent in 2002.” This title is from a market analysis report from Gartner. IDC numbers are even gloomier, showing a 12 per cent decline in year-over-year units shipped.

  • WIRELESS WORLD: Farewell to handhelds

    Mobile phone or handheld, which will it be? Though many vendors, afraid of ticking off potential customers, always respond with the bland assurance that "there will be room for both", I think there will be a winner and an also-ran.