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Stories by Ephraim Schwartz

  • launches AppExchange OEM Edition

    Spreading its tentacles in ever more directions, has announced a new service dubbed AppExchange OEM Edition. The OEM version of the AppExchange service will allow non-CRM on-demand service providers to use the platform.

  • Peer-to-peer device networks take shape

    The concept of service-enabled devices (SEDs) started way back in the '80s with something called tuple spaces, and later took shape as Jini under the guidance of Sun Microsystems. Jini came about when Sun's chief scientist, Bill Joy, imagined a peer-to-peer world where every device could talk to every other device: "Hello, I'm a colour printer. This is my feature set and here are my printer drivers. Would you like to access me?"

  • RightNow acquires Salesnet in SAAS CRM space

    RightNow Technologies, a SaaS (software as a service) provider of CRM software announced on Monday its intention to acquire privately held Salesnet, also a CRM company using the SaaS delivery model, for US$9 million in cash.

  • SAP designing new search engine

    In the ever-increasing battle to offer the best search engine on the planet, SAP is planning a blockbuster extension to its search capabilities with the next major release of NetWeaver.

  • IT will give up control

    As we look at all the changes taking place on the Internet during the past several years, I think we can boil it down to two simple observations. First, the volume of traffic is increasing exponentially: e-mail, IM, and RSS all mean more connections. Second, each connection is moving a great deal more data, including multimedia, voice, and video.

  • Online SaaS directory launched

    Climbing on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) bandwagon, ThinkStrategies, a consulting company focused on helping the enterprise transition to SaaS, Monday launched the first online directory of SaaS providers.

  • to launch full production test bed

    Hoping to capture more seats in the enterprise, will introduce Salesforce Sandbox as part of its Winter 2006 release. Sandbox is a full parallel copy of a company's production environment to be used for testing, development, and end-user training.

  • Microsoft is stuck on the C: drive

    <b>Bill Gates' recent announcement that Microsoft would soon be in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business</b> should be taken as a warning sign to the faithful: Something is rotten in Redmond.