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Stories by Ephraim Schwartz

  • PalmOne unveils handheld with 4GB hard drive

    Going where no other handheld has gone before, PalmOne unveiled today the LifeDrive Mobile Manager, a device that includes a 1-inch, 4G byte hard drive. LifeDrive also includes the capability to synchronize entire directories of data, pictures and video from desktop to device and back.

  • Apollo launches predictive analytics as a service

    The field of advanced analytics, once the proprietary domain of companies willing to deploy costly enterprise software from the likes of SAS Institute and SPSS, now has an alternative from a startup, Apollo Data Technologies, which is offering predictive analytics solutions as a service.

  • REALITY CHECK: Cellular conundrum

    This year will see a major push for wireless enterprise applications - from the carriers, the handset manufacturers, the infrastructure providers, and yes, even the major ERP vendors. They'll all be working in concert to convince IT and business decision makers that the time has come to move beyond email and PIM and deploy real, mission-critical applications on cell phones and other mobile devices.

  • SAP, Mercury Interactive partner to test NetWeaver

    SAP America announced Tuesday that it will integrate a component of Mercury Interactive's LoadRunner performance optimization product into its NetWeaver platform. The LoadRunner component will give SAP's global technical support team the ability to do a remote test for a customer before the customer goes live with a new application.

  • REALITY CHECK: Modernising product development

    The past few years have seen companies doing everything they can to reduce costs. From outsourcing and offshoring to reductions in workforce, the byword has been "cut expenses". But if most of the economists are right, 2005 will be a much better year, and companies will go back to concentrating on increasing revenue.

  • pushes integration

    Hosted CRM service provider took another step forward last week in its strategy to build an online ecosystem of vendors that offer software as a service.

  • REALITY CHECK: The middle of the (open) road

    Over the past several months, I've written about the clash of the titans for dominance in the middleware platform space. Looking at the market, we have BEA Systems and IBM as market leaders, with Microsoft, Oracle and SAP in the second tier. But I got to wondering if there was anything missing from this picture I've created, so I placed a few phone calls to savvy people for a different take on things.

  • REALITY CHECK: A place at the table

    Today's reality of no American-made cell phones, or televisions, or air conditioners (need I go on?) points to an even larger trend than the globalisation of world markets.

  • Wi-fi turns business on

    There's something in the air these days at distribution centres everywhere. From the farmer's field to the warehouse floor, wireless technologies are transforming the way businesses manage inventory. Clipboards and manual data entry are going the way of the adding machine.

  • First multiprotocol RFID printer unveiled

    Intermec Technologies on Monday unveiled a prototype version of a multi-protocol RFID printer in its PM 4i Smart Printer product line at the Frontline Solutions Conference & Exposition in Chicago. Company officials said it is the first multi-protocol printer in the market.